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Absent Voters - Ashford Division, October 1918

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Sandgate Dispensary Casebook 1844-1858

Terms & Code of Practice



Before undertaking any research, we will agree a budget for the project with the client. This will include the number of hours of research to be done, but will exclude the cost of any photocopies of documents or certificates to be obtained.

For large projects we recommend setting a budget for the initial stage only; the client may choose to commit more funds after review of progress.

Our current hourly rate for research is 15.

On completion of the work the client will be invoiced for the balance of the cost and will also be sent a detailed report on the research together with any supporting documents and certificates.

We can only accept payment in Pounds Sterling. We are unable to accept payment by credit/debit card.


We will only undertake research that the client has agreed to pay for.

To avoid duplication of work, we request that clients provide details of any previous research relating to the project.

All information provided by the client will be treated as confidential, unless the client has given written consent to the contrary.

The client will only be given facts that we can support with documentary evidence. Where the relationship or identity of an individual is in doubt, we will advise the client that our conclusions are based on the best evidence available.

If research problems cannot be resolved within the agreed budget, the client will be given a full explanation and advised of further avenues, if any, that may be explored.

The results of research undertaken on behalf of a client will only be published with the prior written consent of the client.